I Spend Money Like I’ve Got It!

I spent most of this morning sitting in Midas waiting for them to tell me I need a new battery.

Yup, that’s what they told me. Luckily, it wasn’t the starter or anything mechanical. Unluckily, there’s also a nail in a tire.

Always something.

It’s been an expensive month. First was the unexpected bill from Kaiser charging me $200+ for x-rays I had done of my poor arthritic knees. I’d never been charged for an x-ray before. Turns out I got charged to help meet my deductible. I’m not used to dealing with deductibles. But everything changes, even long-term health insurance.

So that was money I hadn’t budgeted for. And now, the car battery.

I feel like I”ll never get out of debt, hard as I try.

One of the real battles I have with money is when I feel this frustration, the only thing that makes me feel any better is spending even more money.

So now I’m considering buying a Garden Tower (or is it Tower Garden?). See, I came in 3rd in a drawing for one of these nifty things which gives me $100 off the cost of one. Do I really want to spend nearly $300 to redeem my $100 win?

Yes. Yes, I do. What’s a little more debt in the big scheme of things?

See, I researched it and it’s gotten really good reviews. It’s won awards for innovation. It’s made in the USA. And fresh, organic veggies just outside my back door, in a mere four square feet. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

I’ve always wanted to be the earth mother type. It’s always been part of my fantasies about myself. That and being a kick-ass secret agent.

Realistically though, I have a brown thumb. Even aloe vera, it turns out, needs sunlight and the occasional drink of water.

And would I keep it up, or would this become just another failed enthusiasm I’ll quickly tire of?

I don’t know. I’m frustrated and I want it. I’ll never get out of debt. As soon as I pay something off, something else breaks.

So what the hell! It’s only money.



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