Missed Connections

Do you ever think about the people you were once really connected to, but have lost contact with? I do. A lot.

With a few, there’s a feeling of relief, like I really dodged a bullet on that one. Haven’t we all had those charismatic folks in our lives that we’re so drawn to, but who are horribly toxic to us? They are the ones who make us spend money, or get us arrested or even just put us in scary situations that seemed so right and ended so poorly.

Those, I’m not sorry to see gone. Mostly. Although there was this one guy this one time…nope, not going there. Never did get my $50 back.

The ones I regret the most are the people I lost from lack of trying or just sheer laziness.

There’s my best friend from grade school, Linda, who I lost touch with when my parents moved us from Washington back to Colorado. She found me, years later, but I never got around to answering her letter. I wanted to, but just never did. Now, I believe, she’s died.

Same with a cousin who sent me some great photos of my folks and some family history. I always meant to write him back and thank him. Never did. Just found out he and his wife have both died. Guess I can take his letters out of my To Do file.

Not everyone I’ve become disconnected to has died, of course. Mostly, we’ve all just drifted away from each other. Life intrudes.

And let’s face it. Keeping connected is hard work. It’s constant. Carving out time for get togethers isn’t easy. One would think that retirement is all lunch dates and happy hours. Not hardly. At least mine isn’t.

There are pets to walk, clean up after and train. There’s the old house that always needs something done to it. There are books to read and books to write. Movies to watch and candy to crush. Exercise and health issues. Family to worry about and lose sleep over. A cruise to plan.

But friends, I do not want to lose you, especially not because I just wouldn’t find the time. So, let’s do lunch. Soon. Okay?


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