These Things Still Annoy Me

Today, after a very good workout in the swimming pool, I came home, ate lunch and continued my piles purge. I’ve found a ton of stuff I’d forgotten about, shredded piles and piles of decades old bank statements and receipts. I found an envelope of photos to send to my daughter in Oklahoma.

Amongst the old bills and other ephemera I found a page torn out of a spiral notebook dated February 3, 2003. The entry was written in pink gel on lined black paper (nothing trendy about me). It was complaining about a headline in a then-recent Cosmopolitan that read, “How To Get More POA’s From Your Man.” I read it as PDA–Personal Digital Assistant–which made no sense at all. In general, I griped about the use of initials for everything. Why couldn’t Valentine’s Day stay Valentine’s Day and not be referred to as V-Day.

I was annoyed at the article first because I couldn’t figure out what POA stood for (don’t know to this day). That segued into other annoyances such as the use of “ista,” as in fashionista, which still annoys me. Plus, I find it silly. Annoying and silly, a double whammy.

Then there is the use of the word “girl,” as in “girl-on-top sex.” (This was from a Cosmo, remember?) My thought was that if she’s having sex, regardless of in which position, she sure as hell better not be a “girl.”

That was from 13 years ago. I was already becoming a curmudgeon.

It’s gotten worse, though, especially where words are concerned. I hate that people don’t seem to be able to differentiate your and you’re,  its and it’sthere, they’re and their. It’s (for it is) not that hard. And don’t even get me started on two, to and too!

I don’t believe a day goes by without seeing a meme on Facebook that misuses there. I can’t take anything seriously if it can’t get these simple words right. And where does the word meme come from? What is it exactly and what does it mean?  So a!nnoying

Arggghhh! I really am a curmudgeon!

The notebook page also included a recipe for something called a Banavalanche which calls for a banana, yogurt, orange juice and allspice. Think I’m going to try that one.

And a book recommendation: Have You Seen Down. Or maybe Dawn, hard to tell from my handwriting.

Anyway, it was an interesting find. The things that annoyed me then annoy me now. At least I’m consistent.



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