Daisy’s Gone!

Absolute worst election day ever, in more ways than the obvious. Got home about dark with my BFF and next door neighbor whose husband was just letting our dogs out. My dog, Daisy, ran out to the carport to greet us, but by the time we’d gotten ourselves, our purses and our colas out of the car, she was no where to be seen!

Walked up and down the alley, calling her name. Walked around the block, calling her name, talking to everyone I saw. No Daisy. No Daisy sightings.

Drove around the ‘hood with the neighbor hubby. Posted an urgent alert on Next Door. I even contacted friends who still worked 911 to be on the lookout for any dog running loose reports in my area.

No Daisy.

Gave up around 9:30, came inside and turned on the TV. A bad day got worse, but Grandma doesn’t like to talk politics, so she won’t. Suffice it to say that she turned off the news and cried her way through several DVDs before finally trying to sleep. Was up every 20 or 30 minutes to check the backyard, then the front yard, then the back again. Gave that up around 0500.

Turned the news back on because let’s face it, I live in the state of Colorado, not the state of denial.

Called my vet about 2 minutes after they opened just so they’d be aware since all her tags came from them. On their advice, updated Daisy’s microchip information on found.org. Was in the process of looking for the absolute best photo of her to put on a flyer when there came a pounding on my backdoor.

There was my BFF, with a squirming Daisy in her arms.

Little brat had apparently jump inside the car as we were getting out. We never noticed. The windows are tinted, and she never barked or even looked out.

Don’t know what made BFF think to look inside the car. She said she just didn’t see how Daisy got out of sight so quickly. I’m so thankful she’s safe, that she didn’t get eaten by a fox or run over by a car, and that it wasn’t summer or subzero.

As for the election, at least the local stuff turned out mostly the way I wanted it to. The other? Well, there’ll be an election in two years, and yet another in two more. Until then, I intend onimg_20160623_155129676 staying aware and being kind.




Oh, and note to self: Check the car first.




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