Live With Less

There’s a closed group on Facebook that I belong to called Live With Less. It’s for people, like me, who are trying to declutter and get their lives in order. I’ve found it to be both enjoyable and helpful.

Very helpful.

Live With Less came out of Ashley Walkup’s Embracing Homemaking blog. She comes up with periodic challenges to help her followers, well, live with less. While I haven’t actually completed an entire challenge yet, I am encouraged by them to continue my downsizing and decluttering attempts.

It’s the journey, right?

The best thing about this group is its members. There are no trolls. At least there haven’t been in the nine months that I’ve belonged. Members are both supportive and helpful. We advise. We commiserate. We know we’re not alone in this struggle. We laugh at ourselves.

Recently, a member posted a photograph of a broken pair of glasses asking, “Can someone please explain why these are still in my house?” Comments included photos of others’ collection of old and broken glasses along with vows to get them out of the house. There was even a suggestion for using them as a jack-o-lantern accessory.

Live With Less is helping me to stop procrastinating and start doing. It’s no Final Solution, of course, but it is a tool and it is helping me. I still haven’t mopped the kitchen floor, but I did finally pot the wandering Jew that my friend Amy rooted for me.

Like I said, it’s the journey.


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