Why Can’t I Get Anything Done?


It’s a puzzlement: why can’t I get anything done? Normal people clean their houses in a few hours. Me it seems to take years, and then nothing gets cleaned at the same time as everything else.

Partly, I’m sure, is my innate laziness and the fact that I absolutely hate to do housework. I’m not very good at it, and I’ve never liked doing something I’m not good at. But, instead of working to get better, I tend to just avoid doing it. Sucks to be me.

Another reason is the fact that I’m easily distracted. I was easily distracted before social media, and now there’s just so much to check on and read about and react to. And the games! OMG! I was on stuck of a Candy Crush level for about a year and a half! Made me nuts! Makes me use lots of exclamation points, too.

I tend to spend a lot of time making elaborate lists of things I’m going to do, or need to do, or intend to do, or…well, you get the picture. They used to be color coordinated, prioritized and then alphabetized. Usually multi-paged. By the time I finished making my list of things to do, I’d be exhausted. The lists were so daunting that I could hardly bring myself to start. At one point in my life, I had a master list of lists.

With the aid of a lot of self-help books, a little more wine than is good for me and a friend to smack me upside the head, I got over that bit of craziness. I still make lists, but my lists are a little saner these days. On Sunday night or Monday morning, I’ll write down things I want to get done that week, but it’s never more than three to five items a day. That’s doable. It’s not always doneable, but then that’s just me.

I’m trying. I turn off the TV in the mornings after the news before I get sucked into the latest, greatest whatevers on the talk shows. I don’t start watching again until the evening news. I try to limit my tablet time, so I’m not constantly checking Facebook or playing games. Same with the smarter-than-me phone. I don’t get alerted every time someone updates their status.

What it boils down to is what it really is I want to spend my time doing. When I look back, do I want to see endless hours of mindless play? No, I don’t. Even though it’s fun and a whole lot addicting.

I will get things done, even if it’s just a little at a time. I will make progress. I will. Even if it’s a little at a time, as long as I’m moving forward. Or even just moving.


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