It’sssss Monday!

It’s Monday, a new day. New week. Nearly new month. New beginnings.

I started liking Mondays when I stopped working 9 to 5 jobs. Working at a 24/7 job meant that Monday rarely fell on a Monday. Now that I’m retired, the day of the week really shouldn’t make a difference, but it does.

I still want to start things on Monday: diets, exercise plans, writing schedules. Does everyone do that? I can’t fathom starting a diet on Wednesday. I tell myself, “I’ll do better.” Starting on Monday. Beginning Monday, I’ll stop…binge drinking, eating crap, making messes.

Mondays are the mini versions of September. I don’t just make resolutions starting January 1, I do them in the fall, too.  I still feel a rush at the end of summer, looking forward to a new school year. The thought of school supplies gives me a tingle. Never mind that I’ve been out of school nearly 30 years.

This time of year–spring– gives me a little bit of that feeling, too. A kind of, “This spring the flowers I plant will grow! I’ll feed and weed! I’ll even remember to water!” Starting on Monday.

So today, this Monday, I will be mindful of what I put in my mouth. I’ll wear the pedometer while I walk the dog. I’ll walk the dog. I’ll finish my laundry rather than let it mildew in the washer. I’ll hose down the porch and take those boxes I keep moving around to Goodwill. Maybe I’ll even start that novel.

It’s Monday, a new week. A clean slate.



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