Spring Has Sprung!

Happy first day of Spring! But what the hell happened to the past three months? Feels like I totally missed January, February and most of March.

That’s what happens, I guess, when you start the year with the flu. I woke up January 4th with a headache, sore throat and runny nose. It quickly settled into my lungs.

Three and a half weeks later, I finally felt human again. Except for my neck.

This bout of flu was unlike any I’d had before. Blessedly, there was no fever. No chills. What there was, was violent coughing. So violent, I did something to my neck. Now, I have neck exercises and physical therapy.

And then, adding insult to injury, I caught a cold.

But now it’s Spring. The sun is shining. I have, for the most part, stopped coughing, although my voice still comes and goes. I feel good.

I also feel like my year is just beginning.

This week before Easter is going to be a busy one. I have to plan a menu and then shop for Easter dinner. I want to continue with my decluttering, which seems to always make a huge mess. In the midst of all the decluttering, I have to clean, which I hate.

I need to touch up the paint job in my hallway so I can move the dog kennel out of the dining room. I want to paint the chest of drawers that was in the hallway so I can move it to my bedroom. I have Goodwill bags and boxes that need to go to the car.

So much to do and so many books to seduce me away from my chores. There are dog toys to throw and a dog who needs walked. Laundry to do and a cat box to clean.

Think I’ll make another cup of coffee and watch the dog watching the squirrels.


Happy Spring!



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