I Think, Maybe, I’m Not Politically Correct

The other day I was cruising around social media and a woman I follow, whose books I’ve read and classes I’ve taken and who I totally admire and respect, posted about how horrible the new VW commercials are. Many people commented their agreement.

I was a tad bit stunned, because I think they’re a hoot.

The commercials feature three older women, all sisters. Two of them are twins, I believe. They’re real people, and they make me laugh.

The woman I follow thinks the commercials are demeaning, and showcase clichés about being old. She’s writing Volkswagen about her displeasure and urging others to write, also.

While I think it’s great that she’s actively pursuing something she feels strongly about—and don’t I wish more people, myself included, would make their opinions known to businesses—I personally don’t get it in this case.

To me, these gals celebrate being older. They flirt. They ogle attractive men’s backsides. They are very obviously having a great time. They’re saying that old doesn’t mean out.

They still want a flashy car. They’re still able to dicker with sales people. They know what they like and they’re not afraid to state that fact.  They can be outrageous, because they’ve earned that right.

And no, I didn’t jump into the fray with my non-politically correct opinion. For one thing, I don’t think Facebook is the correct format. This woman is not a friend of mine in the traditional sense and to comment with a dissenting opinion would have been rude, I think.

It did get me thinking, though, and I’m reminded of the “sensitivity training” I had to submit to in a former corporate life. Anybody remember that? They’d divide us up into groups and one of those groups didn’t get chairs or bathroom breaks. We were shown, after a few hours of discomfort, how easy it is for a majority to let a minority be mistreated.

Is that what I’m doing in not seeing the harm of these old birds in their dotage hyping cars? If so, I apologize to any who are offended by the VW commercials.

They still make me laugh.


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