I Should Be Walking the Dog

I should be walking the dog, but it’s raining. And there’s thunder, which means there’s lightning. So I’m not walking the dog. She seems resigned to no walk this afternoon, so maybe she’ll finally poop in the backyard.

I’m happy that she’s not scared of thunder. Sassy, the neighbor dog, is terrified. During the first round of thunder rain this afternoon, Sassy’s parents were still away, so I went next door to sit with her. I held her while she trembled. I also watched their cable and ate their mixed nuts. I’d brought a book with me, so when the cable went out, I was just fine. A dog on one side of me, a jar of nuts on the other side, and a book in the middle. Pretty fine.

Normally, I’d just bring her over to my side of the duplex, but currently both dogs have kennel cough and are in different stages of recovery. So no putting them together.

I’ve only had Daisy for a couple of weeks, so she really doesn’t care that she can’t be with Sassy. But Sassy has lived for nine years thinking that she belongs on my side of the duplex whenever she wants, particularly when there’s thunder. Doesn’t seem to thunder as loudly on my side. To say that she’s miffed, would be an understatement.

Between storms, Sassy’s mom came home, so now I don’t have the excuse of having to sit with a scared dog. What I should have done was to take Daisy for her afternoon walk after the first storm, but I wanted to finish up a little research project I’d started. Then I had to answer an email. Then just one (okay, three) games of Free Cell.

“Let me win one game,” I told Daisy. And then it started to rain. So I decided to write.

Here I am, feeling both guilty for not walking the dog (but it’s raining!) and accomplished for writing my second post in as many days (the alternative is going downstairs to put wet clothes in the dryer). So many things I should be doing.


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