New Month, New Beginnings

In my previous blog post, I talked about the first two items on this year’s Goals and Objectives, those being working on my business, Grandma Friday, and getting healthy.

The first of my six objectives is to decide what I’m doing with Grandma Friday. That decision has been made, at least for now. Grandma Friday is a blog. Haven’t done so well with the first goal under that objective, which is to post at least weekly. But it’s a new month, which is a new beginning, and here’s a new post!

Second objective is to get healthy, and I’ve done a lot better with many of the goals under that one. I’m going to water aerobics at least twice a week, usually three times. I’m working on the weight machines twice a week, and I’m going to a beginning Tai Chi class once a week. I’m keeping a food diary. I’m planning my meals ahead of time. I’m drinking at least a half gallon of water a day. Since just before Christmas, I’ve lost 24 pounds. So yay me!

This hasn’t been as difficult as it has in previous attempts, I think, because this time I’m putting me first. What a concept. It’s taken me 62 years to convince myself that I’m worth putting myself before everyone else. My needs count.

It’s one of the things I learned from being a first, first responder for a decade: I can’t help anyone else if I don’t help myself first. I’m not being selfish, I’m being smart.

And that brings me to my third objective: Putting my financial house in order. The first goal under that is to keep track of spending. <sigh> That lasted maybe two weeks. But I’m starting again now. Other financial goals: paying bills on time so as not to get dinged with penalties, have been a bit more successful. Of course, it’s only been one month.

I have paid off one credit card and just made the final payment on my car. Next month, I’ll be able to start the debt snowball that financial guru Dave Ramsey talks about. I’ll take the next card with the lowest balance and apply those two payments, along with that card’s minimum payment to it, until it’s paid off. And so on. I’m excited.

Money is not easy for me to get a handle on. I’m an impulse buyer. I love eating at restaurants. I especially love hanging with friends and eating at restaurants. I love going through catalogs, highlighting all the stuff I want to buy, and then picking up the phone and buying it.

It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve stopped reading catalogs—well, most of them anyway. A catalog comes in the mail and gets dropped into the recycle bin. I’ve almost paid off my one clothing store credit card, and want to keep it at a zero balance once that happens. And I don’t want to buy anymore clothes until I’ve lost enough inches to comfortably wear the stuff I’ve already got hanging in my closets. Most especially, I don’t want to bring anymore clutter into my already cluttered house, and that falls under Objective #5, and that’s for another post.

Wait, what about the friends and eating out thing? I still eat out with friends, but because I’m writing all of my food intake down, I’m less likely to order wine and fries and dessert. Or the breaded, deep-fried chicken nuggets that I so dearly love. One of those, maybe, but not all.

And so, the journey continues.


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