I think that everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, even when they say they don’t. It’s human nature to look at the beginning of something—a year for example—as a good time for personal beginnings.

I call my resolutions “Goals and Objectives.” Most of the companies I’ve worked for did yearly goals and objectives, and I’ve always liked the sound of it. A goal is something one strives for, so it’s not like breaking a resolution if I order fries with that oh, so healthy veggie burger. Right?

Probably because I have an unhealthy relationship with lists, my G&Os are broken into six major categories: Grandma Friday (the business), Health, Money, Writing, Clutter and Home, and Me.

I believe that all these things are connected, so there is a lot of crossover, and that’s okay. They’re my G&Os, so I can overlap and connect as much as I’d like. And that’s okay, too.

My main objective with Grandma Friday is to decide what it is I want to do with it. Is it a business? Or is it a blog? Both? I want to figure that out. And I will, eventually. Right now, the business part of it is mostly on hold. I say mostly, because if something fun or interesting comes up, I’m in. I’ve got a few house & dog sitting gigs scheduled. That falls under fun. And I may be doing some research and/or writing for a friend and former employer who’s looking to launch a really interesting sounding business. That’s interesting.

The immediate Grandma goal is to blog regularly, at least once a week. Since we’re already heading into the third week of January, I’m a little behind. But hey, it’s a goal, right?

The major objective under the Health category is to get healthier. I’m done with goals such as “lose weight,” because it just doesn’t happen. If in the course of getting healthier some pounds disappear, well then hooray for me. In the meantime, I’m working on tangibles like continuing going to water aerobics three times a week. I’m also starting weight training with the help of a personal trainer. And I started going to a tai chi class at one of the senior centers. All good.

There’s more, of course. I’ve only mentioned two of my six categories. The other four can wait for another blog. Just know I’m working on things. And really, isn’t it the journey that counts?


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