No, I Don’t Do Windows!


No, Grandma doesn’t do windows. Or floors, or any other kind of cleaning either for that matter. Grandma barely cleans her own house, so she’s certainly not going to clean yours!

Grandma also doesn’t drive on highways if she can possibly help it. And babies scare her (Hey, my kids were already housebroken when I came into their lives!) What she (and me, since I’m already tired of writing in the third person) will do, however, is help you get your place ready for the cleaners.

I’m good with clutter—as long as it belongs to someone other than me—and unlike your friends and family, I’m not emotionally involved in whether or not you keep that moth-eaten monkey your first boyfriend won for you on your first date ever.

With my help, you’ll finish that scrapbook, or organize your photos so you can start a scrapbook. Together, we can write your family history (because surely at least one of the grandkids will be interested).

I’ll help you write a resume or edit that novel you finally finished and give you my honest—yet kind—opinion.

I’ll visit your cats when you’re on vacation, and make sure the plants are watered. If you live in my ‘hood (West Washington Park), I’ll even go walk your dog when you’re stuck at work.

I’ll do whatever I can to help make your life a little easier. Give me a call and let’s talk.

Like my dad used to say, I’m not free, but I am available. And I’m more than willing to negotiate.

But I don’t do windows.




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