Why Grandma Friday?

In one of my lives before 911, I worked for what was then called Public Service Co. of Colorado, or PSCo as it was fondly referred to by its employees. I wrote the bill insert, Update, a little six-page flyer that gave a monthly safety tip along with the marketing promos and bill-paying options.

Much of its content was redundant—there’s only so many ways to say “buy a gas grill”—but a lot of it was gratifying. The safety tips especially got feedback from customers. One lady once called me up to thank me for saving her life. Said she’d been going to the doctor for months with a migraine only to be told it was all in her head (pun intended). Turns out she had a carbon monoxide leak in her house and that’s what was causing her headache. As soon as she left the house, headache was gone, so her doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. She told me I’d saved her life.

Like I said, gratifying.

Helping people is addicting. It’s what made 911 bearable for so many years. I like the feel of warm fuzzies releasing feel-good endorphins. I want to keep on helping folks.

I still need to make a living, and I want to do it by making people’s lives a little easier or simpler.

Why spend your Saturdays at the groomers when I can take Fido there in the middle of the week, and pick up your drying cleaning while I’m out? Little things. Things your grandma would do for you if she lived in your neighborhood.

Let me make your life a little easier and get my warm fuzzy fix all at the same time!




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