About Grandma Friday

Hi, my name is MaryAnn Bostron Lucero, and I’m Grandma Friday. I started Grandma Friday as a way to supplement my income after I retired. I was going to dog sit, run errands for people and help them declutter. Maybe even do a little writing. And I did some of that.

But being basically lazy I thought: Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if I just learned to live within my means? So that’s what I’m doing, most of the time.

I’m a Denver native and have lived in the West Washington Park area since 1982. I’ve been a secretary, an editor and senior writer for a large company, and most recently a 911 call taker for Denver. I’ve owned dogs, cats and birds. I scrapbook and write poetry. I’m working on a novel. I want to become a better photographer, and I love to read.

And I’m a grandma.